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Citronex Group Invests in the Highest Quality of Tomatoes


Since few weeks, from Bogatynia, where on the area of 10 hectares the state-of-the-art glasshouse in Europe was built, tomatoes and cucumbers are to be found by clients in the supermarket chains all over Poland.

Near the Polish-German border, the first in Poland and one of the few in Europe equipped with a lighting system glasshouse was established. It creates a favorable climate for the cultivation of healthy and delicious tomatoes even in winter. Electricity charged from the located close to the power plant warehouse allows to create perfect conditions for vegetation of these vegetables.

Citronex invests in the highest quality and in taste values of the tomatoes.

The newly established company “Polskie Pomidory” offers the customers raspberry tomatoes. It is the variety that surpasses with its taste and smell all other available tomatoes on the Polish market.

In the warehouse entirely the biological protection is used and for pollination of flowers traditional methods by means of bumblebees are applied.

The excellent location by the Polish-Czech-German border gives the company lots of possibilities.

Customers will always find on their tables fresh Polish tomatoes. Short delivery time ensures long shelf live which gives the vegetables from Bogatynia an excellent taste and smell for a long time.

In near future the company Citronex Group is going to expand the glasshouse in Bogatynia and in Siechnice, where the cultivation of the tomatoes in 30 hectares glasshouse has taken place for three years.


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