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Tomatoes – varieties

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A grape tomato

A tomato on a twig is a most frequently bought tomato on the Polish market. A classic round tomato with vivid red skin colour, very strong taste and big amount of juice.

A raspberry tomato

A raspberry tomato is the most desirable variety of tomatoes for consumers for whom the taste is most important. Its popularity is constantly growing. Without a doubt, it is the tastiest tomato in the medium and large-size fruit category.

A plum tomato

A plum tomato is characterized by its original fruit shape and dark red colour of the skin. It is especially valued by consumers for whom, in addition to taste, attractive appearance of the dishes served plays a very important role.

A yellow plum tomato

Apart from the original taste, a yellow plum tomato is characterized by an unprecedented yellow colour. It is a perfect addition to the taste of classic tomatoes and is especially valued by brave consumers seeking culinary novelty.

A cherry tomato

A cherry tomato is one of the tastiest small-berry varieties of cocktail tomatoes. They are much smaller than traditional, medium-size and large-size tomatoes which makes them perfectly suitable as snacks, salad ingredients and colourful decorations of meals.

A strawberry tomato

A strawberry tomato is a sweet, small-berry variety of cocktail tomatoes. Their name is due to the approximate shape of strawberries. Due to the small size and beautiful colour they are ideally suited to decorate the dishes, but also to be eaten whole, e.g. in salads, as a starter or in finger foods.

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