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Technology and food safety

Polish producer of greenhouse vegetables

Vegetable cultivation

The whole production process takes place with the use of the most modern technology of soilless cultivation in an inert ground on cultivatable troughs. The production process is controlled by computer systems that control: climate in the greenhouse, irrigation, fertilization of plants and the CO2 level.

Our rich experience, supported by modern technology enables us to produce healthy vegetables of perfect quality. The protection of the production is based on the integrated biological protection system, and the tomato flowers are pollinated with a natural method – with the use of bumblebees.


Plant protection

Appropriate plant protection technique is a crucial factor that enables the achievement of optimal phytosanitary condition of vegetable plantation in order to minimize crop losses.
In CHP Siechnice Private Limited Company the emphasis is placed on the improvement of plant healthiness in the first place using natural processes connected with the reduction of the amount of destructive organisms. The programme is based on the use of appropriate organisms for fighting against pests in order to minimize the application of plant protection products that are applied when natural methods fail.


The control of the amount and kind of chemical plant protection products that are used allows to:
  • minimize the pressure on natural environment
  • reduce the risk that destructive organisms may become resistant to plant protection products
  • care for consumer’s health by minimizing the presence of plant protection products in vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers) cultivated in CHP Siechnice Private Limited Company
Integrated Plant Protection is based on three pillars: prevention, monitoring and intervention.


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