In harmony with nature

Our little allies, the bumblebees, help us to pollinate the tomatoes. These hairy and charming insects transfer pollen from flower to flower very effectively. It is thanks to natural pollination that our fruit is firm and evenly coloured.

Bumblebee – Bombus terrestris

Bumblebee – or Bombus terrestris in fact – this inconspicuous creature is extremely hardworking and extremely important in our production process. An army of small workers tirelessly, day after day, pollinates, giving rise to every tomato we grow. The great advantage of bumblebees is their tendency to work even in unfavorable weather conditions, which often excludes bees from working.

Because we care about the right conditions for our employees – even the smallest ones – our bumblebees live in the hives. In each of them there is a complete family with a queen and workers. Our specialists, when looking into the hive, assess the condition and health of the bumblebees. It is important to replace them regularly, therefore new hives are placed every 4 weeks. The proper location of the hive is also important, so that these wonderful insects can easily find their way back home for a well-deserved rest.

Natural protection

Taking care of the safety of the environment and our crops, we use natural and safe biological solutions to fight pests and plant diseases. Harmful insects and diseases can lead to crop losses, quality deterioration or even prevent cultivation. To avoid this, our specialists carefully select and use natural enemies of pests, which allows, in a manner consistent with nature, to reduce the number of pests and minimize or eliminate the amount of chemical plant protection products. Safety is always our priority.

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