About us

As the largest and most modern horticultural company in Poland, we have been setting standards in the industry for many years and at the same time we have been a forerunner of change. Thanks to consistent and effective actions carried out over the years, tomatoes from Siechnice are the most valued and the most willingly bought in Poland. Our plant currently employs over 600 people. Our head office is located in Siechnice, near Wrocław, where on an area of over 45.5 hectares, we grow tomatoes which are synonymous with top quality and the best taste.

Our history

The history of our company dates back to 1976. That’s when it all started. The past years have been a story of people, great passion and experience, which allows us to build the strength of the company every day.

The first greenhouse is built in Siechnice

Construction work begins on the Horticultural Plant in Siechnice, which is part of the Wrocław Horticultural Conglomerate (Wrocławskiego Kombinatu Ogrodniczego).

First  6-hectare greenhouse

On 1st January, the long-awaited day arrived: the first 6-hectare greenhouse was put into operation. Production started with a crew of 32 people and the first tomatoes were found on tables as early as spring 1980.

Second greenhouse

After these first successes, a second 6-hectare greenhouse was put into operation.

Third greenhouse

Completion of greenhouse No. 3, also 6 hectares. However, we are not stopping because the fourth stage of construction work is being carried out at the same time.

Opening a fourth greenhouse

The last 4-hectare greenhouse, No. 4, has been completed.

First modern greenhouse

Commissioning of a 6-hectare modern greenhouse, No. 5, for tomato cultivation in hanging troughs.

Acquisition by Citronex

Acquisition of Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Ogrodniczej Siechnice Sp. z o.o. with 32 hectares of crops, by Citronex Group. Rafał Zarzecki becomes President of the Company.

Restoration of Greenhouse No. 4

Demolition and reconstruction of greenhouse No. 4 to use modern the technology of tomato cultivation in hanging troughs.

Restoration of Greenhouse No. 3

Demolition and reconstruction of greenhouse No. 3 to use modern the technology of tomato cultivation in hanging troughs.

Restoration of Greenhouse Nos. 2 and 1

Demolition and reconstruction of greenhouse Nos. 1 and 2 to use modern technology of tomato cultivation in hanging troughs.

Modern sorting plant

The commissioning of a modern vegetable sorting and storage facility. Lighting installation on an area of 8 ha.

Lighting installation

Lighting installation on an area of 8 ha.

The donation of the sixth greenhouse

Construction and commissioning of the modern, lighted greenhouse No. 6. Lighting installation on the next 8 ha. The total cultivation area is 45.5 ha.

Lighting installation

Lighting installation on an area of 8 ha.

Lighting installation

Lighting installation on an area of 6 ha.

The future

In our company, there is constantly something interesting going on – we are writing down more and more pages of our history.

The values that guide our business are:


They are the heart of the company. Without passionate employees, nothing would have worked – the story of our success would not have been written. We give both young professionals and experienced employees the opportunity to effectively use their potential and aspirations and to develop with us. We create space for creativity, we are united by respect, trust and working towards the common goals.


This is our best hallmark and our top priority. It is for you that we are taking on new challenges and developing, therefore we have implemented an Integrated Quality Management System. Its solid foundations make all of our actions as diligent as possible. We are focused on the continuous improvement of products and processes, which is key to meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.


Implementation of innovative technologies, open-mindedness and creativity of the Team are the driving forces for our company. We are never stuck. There is no time for that.

We take care of the local community

In our company, we are convinced that any gesture, even a small one, can be of great help to someone. On a daily basis, we support the local community by giving stable work to many residents of Siechnice and its surroundings. However, we do not stop there because we want to have a real and positive impact on our environment.

Our greenhouses

You will find our tomatoes all over Poland. Before they arrive on tables, they grow and mature in greenhouses in Siechnice, Bogatynia and Ryczywół. These are unique places where extraordinary things happen every day.  Learn more about these places.


In 2012 we took over Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Ogrodniczej “Siechnice”, and since then we have been constantly modernising and expanding with new greenhouse areas. Today, our greenhouses in Siechnice occupy 45 hectares of the highest quality crops, of which 39 hectares contain production with artificial lighting. At PPO Siechnice we mainly grow raspberry tomatoes, but also plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes and seasonal cucumbers.


Our greenhouses in Bogatynia were put into operation in 2014 and are among the most modern in Europe. The fully illuminated 10-hectare area allows for year-round cultivation of the highest quality, tasty and plump raspberry tomatoes.


In 2019 we acquired an inactive company in Ryczywół near Kozienice. Since then, we have begun a thorough restructuring and implementation of the plan to build a greenhouse with a 23-hectare lighting system. The plan is to commission the greenhouse in September 2021.

Our company in numbers


this is the total area of our plantation

employees ensure the high standard of our crops


in this area, we sort and store tomatoes


is the daily production line capacity we are able to achieve

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