Production process

In the production of tomatoes grown in our company we use the so-called BAT (Best Available Technology). This allows us to use the yielding potential of demanding tomato varieties. In consequence, we are able to obtain the best quality and taste in the produced varieties.

What does the production process look like?

The whole process is supervised by highly qualified specialists supported by a pioneering monitoring and supervision system.

The whole process is supervised by highly qualified specialists supported by a pioneering monitoring and supervision system.




Where do our tomatoes come from?

You will find our tomatoes all over Poland. Before they reach the tables they grow and mature in greenhouses in Siechnice, Bogatynia and soon also in Ryczywół. These are unique places where extraordinary things happen every day. Learn more about these places.

Caring about quality

We do not leave the quality of our products to chance. Every day, we consistently work on its continuous improvement. We impose high quality standards on ourselves in order to deliver a product that you will be happy to return to every day. The production, storage and distribution process is subject to constant monitoring, we continuously control the quality and safety of our products in accredited laboratories. The quality of our products is confirmed by the fact that you have been with us for years, as well as by the quality certificates granted to us. Our company has obtained the following certificates: IFS Food, Global G.A.P, GRASP.

IFS Food system

From our perspective, there is no room for compromise on food safety. We want you to know that, which is why we have implemented and certified the IFS Food system. The main aim of this system is to confirm the safety and quality of products and their compliance with legal requirements and standards.

Global G.A.P. System

Tomato growing is our life, we put passion and commitment into it. We do it at the highest level, so we base our work on the requirements of Global G.A.P. system. This is an internationally recognised standard for good agricultural practices and food safety.

GRASP module

Our company are the employees behind it, so we decided to implement and certify the GRASP Module. It is a risk assessment tool for social practices, so we can be sure that we are operating in accordance with labour law.

Bombus terrestris – this inconspicuous creature is incredibly hardworking and extremely important in our production process. An army of small workers tirelessly pollinates day after day, giving birth to every tomato from our crop.

Natural allies

Our little allies, the bumblebees, help us to pollinate the tomatoes. These hairy and charming insects transfer pollen from flower to flower very effectively. It is thanks to natural pollination that our fruit is firm and evenly coloured.

The varieties of our tomatoes

Our tomatoes are with you every day, used in the kitchen in dozens of different, sophisticated ways. Thanks to the huge cultivation area at our disposal, we can provide products with various organoleptic qualities. A multitude of flavours, colours, shapes and sizes are obtained by allowing the best available varieties to grow and bear fruit.

Try each one of them and choose your favourite or love them all!

Raspberry tomato

Plump yellow tomato

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