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As we all know, what we eat every day affects our health and well-being. That’s why we created fruit salads that are 100% natural. The product you’ve picked up does not contain any preservatives. None! And you have our word for it.

At their heart, our fruit salads contain specially selected and much appreciated varieties of fruit. We buy them from suppliers who, just like us, have the consumer’s enjoyment in mind, along with fresh and best products.  We want our raw materials to come from suppliers whose production is carried out in an innovative way with care not only for the crops themselves but also for their employees and the environment. The fruit that makes up our salads is subject to strict quality control (numerous microbiological, physico-chemical and taste tests) to ensure that they contain only what they should.

Maintaining an attractive appearance, nutritional value and taste plays a key role, so the process is overseen by a team of qualified employees. The production process is conducted in such a way as to satisfy even the most demanding consumers, looking for the interesting and unconventional taste sensations that the fruit can provide.

Peeling, removing stones, slicing – that’s our everyday activity and we are really good at it. Thanks to the combination of tradition and automation, we draw the best from the fruit. We want you to enjoy the right taste and quality throughout the shelf life of the product.

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Let’s think about how often do we eat shop-bought sweets. Too often, right? Unrestricted access to processed food and its ubiquitous advertising makes us more and more willing to reach for it! Unfortunately, by doing this we do not have a positive impact on our health and that of our loved ones… Is there an alternative? Of course! Choose our fruit salads instead of sweets! The specially selected fruit contained in our minimally processed products provide vitamins and minerals, fibre, antioxidants, and is low in calories and tasty!

Our products are designed for anyone who appreciates healthy and 100% natural snacks. Fruit salads are perfect as a product for both busy people who value comfort, adults and children, fans of a healthy lifestyle – simply for you. Yellow to go fruit salad! Is a great snack for school, the office, for a walk, it’s great for travelling, and a solid family dinner is worth ending with such a portion of healthy goodness.

The food chart recommended by WHO and in Poland by the Institute of Food and Nutrition recommends eating 4-5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day, so we are providing you with a wide range of ready-to-eat fruit salads.

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