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Red, pink, yellow. Small and big. Round and oblong. Packed in bulk and in flow pack or trayseler. Just what you need. We are sure that we will meet your requirements, because tomatoes are our world.

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Varieties of our tomatoes

Our tomatoes are with you every day, used in kitchens in dozens of different, sophisticated ways. Thanks to the huge acreage at our disposal, we can provide products with various organoleptic qualities. We obtain a multitude of flavors, colors, shapes and sizes, allowing it to grow and bear fruit with the best available varieties.

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Raspberry tomato

Raspberry tomatoes are one of the tastiest and most desirable varieties. In our company, the “raspberry king” is the unrivaled Tomimaru Muchoo, characterized by a round shape and an attractive pink color. Tomatoes of this variety are delicate, juicy, with a slightly sweet taste, undoubtedly dominating the medium and large-fruited category. The taste and smell of our raspberry tomatoes is exactly what we remember from our childhood, from our parents ‘and grandparents’ gardens. We deliver this unique variety of tomatoes to the Polish market all year round.

Yellow fleshy tomato

The offer of fleshy tomatoes includes the yellow Beorange variety, which is particularly attractive to consumers. The fleshy type of tomatoes are characterized by strong vigor, round shape and a nice stalk that keeps freshness for a long time. It has a unique taste and an interesting color contrasts wonderfully in the prepared dishes.

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