The tomatoes ripen in greenhouses on more than 45 hectares of land. Every day we devote our time, attention and the most modern tools to creating the most delicious produce. That’s how we approach our employees, too. Nearly 600 people work with us every day, passionately taking care of the best products. If you want to become a part of our family business, please send us your CV. GROW WITH US!

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Internship and apprenticeship

Holiday apprenticeship? Internship? Start your adventure with us to develop your skills at Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Ogrodniczej Siechnice Sp. z o.o.


Working for professionals

Do you have several years of professional experience? Are you looking for new challenges? Would you like to fulfil your potential in a modern company with a long-standing tradition? Browse through our current job openings and find something to suit you.

How about working here?

At Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcji Ogrodniczej Siechnice Sp. z o.o. we have been making sure that our employees feel part of the whole team from the very beginning. A good atmosphere, friendliness and cooperation are the values that make us eager to come to work.  The company’s greatest asset are its people. It is thanks to the employees that the company is developing and reaching the highest standards.  Do you want to find out more? Join the team.


stable employment (employment contract)
attractive salary
group insurance
friendly atmosphere
career opportunities
sports card

How does the recruitment process look like?


Submitting applications

Choose the perfect job opening for you and send in your application. You can do this by using the recruitment form available on our website or by applying for a selected opening placed on recruitment platforms.

If you have not found an opening you are interested in, please send your CV to this address

You will find current job openings here.


Telephone conversation

If your CV passes our internal verification process, we will inform you by phone and invite you for an interview at our premises. We will also tell you who you will talk to and what you should bring with you.


Job interview

Come to the interview a few minutes early so you have time to get to the office building. The area of our plant is very extensive (from the gatekeeper’s lodge to the office takes around 15 minutes to walk). If you come by car, you can enter the plant area after you have been given a visitor’s pass. Two people from our company will be present at the interview – usually it is a representative from the HR department and your future supervisor.

The meeting takes the form of an interview, during which the competences and substantive knowledge necessary to be offered the given position are checked. At the first meeting you will have the opportunity to get to know your potential supervisor and learn more about working in the position.



Regardless of the outcome of the conversation, you will always get feedback from us. We will contact you by e-mail or phone.


Welcome aboard!

If everything goes well, you will soon start your career at PPO Siechnice.

Current job offers

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